Healthy Smiles from the Start

Use the animation to learn about the importance of good oral health and the role it plays in maternal and child health. This resource can support parent workshops, home visitation, and any opportunity to enhance the oral health literacy of a family.

The Decay Equation

Use the animation to educate all ages about how dental decay occurs and how to prevent it.


The slideshow teaches parents and caregivers about the importance of dental health for the whole family. Use it to enhance parent presentations, home visits, and reinforce the need for good dental care from the start.

Fluoride Facts

What is Fluoride Varnish?

Fluoride Varnish is a coating that is painted onto the teeth to protect them from decay (cavities).

How does Fluoride Varnish work?

Fluoride Varnish enters the tooth enamel (the first layer of the tooth) and makes the tooth hard. It prevents new cavities and slows down or stops decay from getting worse.If tooth decay is just starting, it repairs the tooth.

Is Fluoride Varnish safe?

Yes, Fluoride Varnish is safe. It is used on babies from the time they have their first tooth. Because a small amount of varnish is painted onto the teeth - almost no fluoride is swallowed.

How often should my child get Fluoride Varnish?

It can be applied every 3 months. Studies show that children who get Fluoride Varnish every 3 months have fewer cavities than those who get it less often or not at all.

Do I need to do anything special after my child has Fluoride Varnish?

Your child does not have to wait to eat or drink. Food should be soft for the first day. Do not brush or floss the teeth until the next morning.

Download the Flouride Varnish Fact Sheet HERE

Goal Setting

Why is goal setting important? Setting goals helps create new behaviors, allows you to measure your progress, and can give you motivation to keep up healthy oral health habits.

Download the goal setting document HERE

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The All Smiles Shine App helps the ASD and IDD communities learn about oral healthcare, practice preventative care at home, and prepare for an upcoming visit to the dentist.

The Brush DJ App has a 2 minute timer and uses applause and music to make brushing fun.

The Colgate My Bright Smile App helps children create healthy oral health habits.