Oral Health Toolkit Resources: brochures, infographics, short videos. All materials available in English and Spanish with some in seven different languages.

The AAP parenting website addresses all ages and stages from prenatal care through young adulthood.

A PA AAP program offering educational infographics in multiple languages and other helpful links.

The American Dental Hygiene Association collaborated with the AAP to create the Protect Tiny Teeth campaign. Resources: excellent infographics targeting pregnant women and new parents.

Resources for professionals and consumers.

The AAPD website for parents containing the Mouth Monsters Hub. Resources: printable activities, online interactives and infographics.

Resources for professionals and consumers. English & Spanish language activity sheet set.

An ADA program offering a consumer’s guide to dental health. Resources: activity sheets, lesson plans, videos and dental tips.

A Give Kids a Smile Program sponsored by the ADA. Resources for professionals and families in English and Spanish. Printable activities and infographics.

Free oral health education resources: activity sheets, lesson packets and videos.

Information about dentistry, dental procedures, and oral conditions for consumers. Organized by category and includes digital quizzes and infographics for students.

Dental themed books written in Braille.

Oral health education for Early/Head Start and other early learning environments. Curricula, home visiting resources, and training.

Oral health resources for staff and families. Oral health forms, webinars, and infographics in 12 languages.

A comprehensive national center providing high quality oral health resources including oral health care for the special needs community. Resources: manuals, curricula, and infographics in multiple languages.

Resources found in the Health Info section: Free bilingual oral health publications, including dental care for the disabled and their caregivers.

Free online trainings, webinars, and links to other resources. The free training modules include resources for special needs, Cavity Free Kids, and Community Health worker.

Multimedia tools in English & Spanish.