Kids Smiles Education & Outreach Department Contact Information

Dana Shirley

Kids Smiles Executive Administrative Assistant


Phone: (215) 365-1033 x208

Kids Smiles Community Partners

Community Partner Testimonials

"Kids Smiles has been instrumental in helping us in achieving the goal of finding dental homes and lowering anxiety among our families."

Donna Bibbs and Shaquita Rivers

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Early Head Start

"Students are so happy to share with me that Kids Smiles is their dentist"

"We, along with our parents, are grateful that Kids Smiles exists and have extended their services to the school community."

Jennifer Maguire


Upper Darby School District

Yolanda Morales

Social Worker

Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School

"As a result of Kids Smiles providing training to WIC staff, our nutritionists are more knowledgeable and confident in their ability to share age appropriate dental health recommendations"

Cynthia Barrar

Outreach Coordinator & Nutritionist

Women Infant & Children (WIC)

"I confidently refer my families to Kids Smiles, knowing from my personal expereience the type of dental education, prevention, and dental care, as well as follow-up they receive."

Carol P. O'Malley RN, CSN, M.Ed

School Nurse

Office of Early Childhood

School District of Philadelphia


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To Schedule a Dental Appointment at Kids Smiles

Call: (215) 492-9291

Kids Smiles Dental Center Locations

Southwest Philadelphia

2900 Island Ave, Suite 2924

Philadelphia, PA 19153

West Philadelphia

5828 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139

Northeast Philadelphia

185 Franklin Mills Road

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